About Us

about-usOLDVIRGINIA Professionals

Sell match grade and tactical ammo by the case lot

  • Ensures repeat zero
  • Saves $$$ on shipping
  • Matching production lot numbers

Regularly shoot all ammo types that we sell

  • Will sell only accurate/reliable U.S. ammo loadings
  • Are familiar with ammo performance
  • Daily shoot the same types of ammo that you are buying

Offer value pricing on all ammo

  • Compare our prices
  • Discounted UPS shipping
  • Give personalized service by phone

shipped boxPack each factory case in an outer shipping case, nested in styrofoam peanuts.

  • At last, great ammo arriving in great shape — take a look!

We can answer your questions … we’re professional shooters who sell the same types of ammo that we shoot every day. Contact us at (760) 895-9574 or email us at sales@oldvirginia.net.