Black Hills .223 75-gr Heavy Match HP Ammo



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1000-rd (20 boxes, 50 rds.-per-case)…. $649.76 + UPS ground (32 lbs)

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Good shooting ammo, 1000-rd cases

  • Fresh from the factory, 1000-rds per case.
  • 20 boxes/50 rds. per box in a sealed factory case.
  • Black Hills famous .223 blue box loading.
  • Once-fired military LC brass.
  • Match components loaded to .223 pressures.
  • High BC of .395 bucks the wind.
  • Retains energy downrange.
  • For plinking, varminting or training.
  • Shoots in any AR or bolt gun.
  • Dependable feeding.
  • Muzzle velocity at 2750 fps.
  • Easy on steel targets.
  • More accurate than most guys can shoot.
  • Just as accurate as factory new ammo.
  • Affordable.
  • Dependable!!!
  • Ships to you double-boxed in original factory case.
  • OLDVIRGINIA specializes in fine Black Hills ammo.


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