Black Hills .308 175-gr. Match Ammo



500-rd. factory case (25 boxes, 20 rds per box) ….. $793.13 + UPS

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Super accurate and IN STOCK

  • Fresh case lots, 500 rounds per case
  • 25 boxes/20 rds. per box
  • Black Hills Match brass/Sierra MatchKing bullet
  • Good past 800 yards.
  • Sub-MOA if you do your part.
  • BC: 0.496
  • Muzzle velocity: 2600 fps.
  • Extremely low Standard Deviation.
  • Shoots straight in bolt guns and semi-autos.
  • Supremely reliable and accurate.
  • Shot by marksmen everywhere — the “gold standard” for accuracy
  • OLDVIRGINIA specializes in this fine round.


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