Black Hills .308 175-gr. Tipped MatchKing ammo


Out of stock 1/2/21

100-rd. case (5 boxes, 20 rds per box) ….. $199.38 + UPS ground

400-rd. case (20 boxes, 20 rds per box) ….. Not available

  • Highest BC: .545.
  • Amazing long-distance round.
  • It feeds, extracts and shoots ultra-reliably.
  • A guy can’t have enough of this ammo.
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Upgrade your semi or bolt .308! Great long distance performance.

Out of stock 1/2/21

The very best .308 on the market

  • High BC Sierra bullet: .545.
  • 100-rd factory case, 5 boxes/20 rds per box.
  • 2600 fps from our barrel.
  • Black Hills Gold line of ammo.
  • Supersonic past 1000 yards.
  • Our clients shoot this round 1600 yards!
  • Super desirable.
  • Accurate and reliable long distance accuracy.
  • Better than Sierra MatchKing rounds.
  • Bucks the wind!
  • Factory hand-inspected.
  • In stock, fresh directly from Black Hills Ammunition.
  • A simple way to accurize your target rifle.
  • This round performs better than most guys can shoot!
  • Tipped Sierra bullet offers accuracy and great results.
  • Ships out the same day that order is received.


  1. Phillip

    This is the best value for accurate, match .223 ammunition I’ve found. I hunt with it exclusively, and it delivers fantastic results. I highly recommend this product for the shooter who has to have accuracy at a fair price!

  2. Gary

    Best practice round on the planet. Thanks Stuart for turning me on to this ammo. Small POA adjustment between rifles and nails after that.
    Will shoot this ammo for years to come Lord willing.

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