Black Hills 5.56 77 gr. OTM Mk262 Mod 1 ammo


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(See rifle product 5.56mm 77gr TMK)  

500-rd. factory case (10 boxes)… $549.38 +  UPS ground.


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OLDVIRGINIA specializes in Black Hills 5.56 77-gr. OTM & TMK ammo


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Long range accuracy; good for CQB, too.

OLDVIRGINIA has specialized in this fine round.

  • Developed for the military for long range precision from M16 platform weapons.
  • Combat-proven.
  • Special Sierra MatchKing 77-grain cannelured bullet.
  • Muzzle velocity: 2725 from 20″ barrel.
  • Flash-suppressed, temperature-stable propellant.
  • Mil. spec. brass with NATO headstamp, “LC” and date.
  • Crimped-in-place and sealed primers.
  • Special NATO brass that the other guys don’t spec.
  • Waterproof at 4 ft for 24 hours in OLDVIRGINIA’s swimming pool.
  • 500-rd cases, FACTORY NEW ammo.
  • 10 boxes/50 rds-per-box; all rounds with same lot number.
  • Developed, perfected and manufactured by Black Hills Ammunition.
  • Each round hand-inspected at the factory.
  • The best powder in the business!
  • For long range 5.56mm capability, this is the undisputed choice of experts. Great in short-barreled carbines, too.
  • Save UPS shipping fees by getting two or three cases at once — matching lots!
  • Factory-sealed cases shipped in OLDVIRGINIA shipping carton.
  • OLDVIRGINIA specializes in Black Hills’ 5.56 77-gr OTM ammo.
  • Black Hills Ammunition is the sole manufacturer of authentic 5.56mm 77-gr OTM Mk262 Mod 1 ammo.
  • Makes M16/M4/AR-15 into a true battle rifle.
  • Current lot manufactured late spring 2015.
  • OLDVIRGINIA shoots this round every week.
  • Check our Facebook page for hints on shooting this super-accurate round.
  • Phone us at (760) 895-9574 or email us and include your best phone number at


  1. After frustration with 5.56 ammo I started researching for something better. My AR seemed to like the heavier rounds but only in 5.56 and not 223. I started researching and purchasing small boxes of ammo and still frustrated. I found the Black Hills Mk262 Mod 1 and ordered the smallest box (50 rds) and took it to the range. Unfortunately it was a windy day (30mph left to right at the point of shooting and about 10mph right to left at the target) but we had access to the 500yd range so we shot anyway. After adjusting the elevation on the scope from a different round, I started hitting the target consistently. By the size of the holes in the target I could tell the bullet was flying true unlike the other rounds that left a bigger hole. I did some more research on hunters using this round with great success and also in Military situations and I was sold. I have since ordered an additional boxes and would recommend this ammo to anyone wanting to get the best out of an AR platform. By the way, I have a 1×7 twist on a 14.5″ barrel with a pinned Lantac Dragon. The ammo performs perfectly.

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